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Vintage Carnations Wallpaper Mural

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Experience the amazing feel of seeing carnations falling from the sky, or being laid artfully on the ground in this stunning floral wallpaper. The Vintage Carnations Wallpaper brings the “flower of the gods” in the heart of any room in this eye-catching mural. With an exquisite mixture of light colors any room that needs a life of its own can automatically burst with energy as soon as this wallpaper is displayed. The artful vision brings both elegance and sophistication to any room. Rooms that could do a substantial aesthetic makeover without breaking the bank are perfect for the Vintage Carnations Wallpaper. A shower of fragrant carnations greets the eye of homeowners or guests upon stepping through the door in the this flower wallpaper. Besides being a fantastic and captivating vision that shows warmth in greetings, the vista can also be suitably used in the bedroom or sitting room. As the beauty of carnations has spawned off a thousand stories, it deserves a rightful place in any room that is designed to witness the conversation of friends and family. A vision of magnificent carnations provides the ideal backdrop for lively or meaningful talks in the house. Rooms with light furniture can maximize the best out of this wallpaper.

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