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Carina Nebula Wallpaper Mural

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This image taken of the Carina Nebula, shows a 50-light-year-wide panoramic view, taken by NASA’s famous Hubble Space Telescope. The Nebula is a tumultuous collection of stellar winds, dust, gas and colossal stars that are estimated to be at least 50 to 100 times bigger than our own Sun. The chaos of the Carina region began three million years ago when the first newborn stars were born in an explosive beginning. At the far left of the image, we can see the star Eta Carinae nearing the end of it’s eruptive lifespan, about to self destruct into an exploding supernova. The immense detail of this incredible NASA image was achieved by merging 48 frames taken with the Hubble’s advanced camera. Giving you the opportunity to view a nebula that’s 7,500 light years away, right from your own home.

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