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Retro Remix: ‘Retroize’ Your Home and Stay On-Trend

Retro Remix is a seventies inspired style currently taking centre stage in the interior design world, re-inventing the fashion of past times to create something brand new and right on trend. The team at Murals Wallpaper have curated a collection of designs that together form a beautiful story, celebrating this trend with contemporary imagery that will inspire you to find your inner stylist.


Carerra Geometric Mural Wallpaper - $48.00

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The designs chosen for this collection all have one thing in common – they incorporate iconic shades of the trend’s colour palette, and have the power to change the atmosphere of any room  simply by being part of the interior. The murals also have a textured effect embedded into the designs, which adds a sense of depth and contrast on your wall, creating a space that is more than what meets the eye…




Mireille Geometric Mural Wallpaper - $48.00

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The Carrera and Mireille designs both embrace this concrete texture effect, which makes them super contemporary and stylish, and with the faded colours of pastel pink and purple tones, mixed with a hint of green, they make the perfect choice for a retro wall.


The murals are also very versatile, in the sense of where in a home they can be implemented. You can inject a boost of Retro Remix into just about any room of your house with these geometric designs. They look brilliantly beautiful in a living or dining room, but equally stunning in a bedroom. Due to their muted colours and concrete effect, these murals also work perfectly as a contemporary twist in a bathroom setting, which is one of the biggest hypes surrounding  this retro-rising trend.


When styling a concrete textured mural, whether looking to create a retro space or not, it is important to style the designs with alternative textures. Adding layers of soft furnishings and metallic accessories, to create a sense of depth to the room. However, having a wall that acts as  a centerpiece of your interior means that you shouldn’t over-do it. Installing an impactful mural will fill your room with character and sophistication, but styling it with just a few accessories is essential to make it your own.




Composite Wall Mural - $48.00

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The Composite Textured Wall Mural has a clean and bold approach to the retro style. The turquoise colour of the wood is probably as retro as it gets, and matched with the wooden texture of the design, it’s a classic style that was very popular in the 70’s and is making a comeback. This bright and vibrant mural is sure to inject a feeling of fun and a sense of nostalgia to any space, and when styled right, achieving the Retro Remix trend is no struggle at all.


We have styled this mural monochrome, which is rapidly becoming one of the big trends of 2018. It is a very distinctive way of matching your interiors in a set colour scheme or theme. We have chosen a simple, yet elegant chair, to style with this magnificently turquoise mural, almost blending in with the colours of the wall. The textures of wood running through both the side table and the frame of the chair, tie in with the wooden textures of the mural too, creating a serene feeling and ultimately forming a beautiful space.



Dusky Pink Velvet Effect Mural Wallpaper - $48.00

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Another texture that has been included in this Retro Remix collection is velvet. Velvet is, for many people, considered ‘retro’ and thought of as a fabric that had its days in the limelight back in the 70s. However, velvet is not a lost trend at all. Velvet is coming right back to this 21st century world of interiors, and it’s looking better than ever.


Who ever imagined that you could put velvet textures on your walls? The in-house designers at Murals Wallpaper have created velvet effect wall murals, that perfectly depict the textures of draping velvet, hanging gracefully on your walls for a glamorous retro feel. Style it with luxurious furnishings and accessories to achieve a retro-luxe look, or head down the minimalistic road and let the mural take the centrestage, filling up the room with glamour and depth.



Emerald Velvet Effect Mural Wallpaper - $48.00

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All of the murals within this collection have been selected very carefully, with the aim of opening up opportunities and inspiring you to style your home in an individual way and create a space of retro glam. Taking inspiration from times gone by, and re-thinking the idea of retro, these designs can completely transform the feeling a room exudes. ‘Retroize’ your home with Murals Wallpaper Retro Textured Wallpaper, and get on board with the returning trend.




Rizzo Retro Pink Brick Effect Wallpaper - $48.00

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