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11 larger than life wall murals

These 11 amazing spaces depict how a larger than life wall mural can create a powerful impact in any space. Effortlessly transform your room in a stylish way with one of our large scale wallpapers; a diverse collection with something for everyone.

Carta da parati murale con mare di alberi nella foresta - €37.20

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1. Sea of Trees

Wander into a relaxed Scandi forest as you enter your bedroom with this serene forest scene wallpaper. Sea of Trees, although large in scale, remains understated and calming in your space due its muted green and grey tones, the perfect choice for bedrooms, living rooms, or any room where you wish to sit back and chill out.

Carta da Parati Mappamondo in Sfumature Neutre - €37.20

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2. Origins Neutral

The whole world in one room. World map wallpapers remain a true favourite for the home and seem to be ever trending in interiors, and it’s easy to see why, there’s no limit to what a map wallpaper can achieve in a space. Don’t let door frames worry you, our bespoke made to measure service makes fitting designs to your wall shape simple.

Bold geometric shapes wallpaper

Carta da parati Forme Geometriche Colorate Moderne in Stile Bauhaus - €37.20

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3. Dessau

When it comes to larger than life design, bold geometric print is an obvious choice, and when you combine that with vivid colour, it’s sure to create an impact. Why not upgrade your home office, bedroom, or living room with a contemporary mural that uses the combination of bold shapes and colour to transform the space.

Decorazione murale con elegante rosa rosa - €37.20

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4. Parfait

Here we see how the beauty of this large scale rose mural adds delicate colour and elegance to a big open space. The detailing within each individual leaf and petal adds to the lifelike feel of the floral design as it breathes a fresh, positive aura into the space. Floral designs are a great choice for expansive wall space, offering a tasteful design solution.

Carta da Parati Tropicale con Foglie di Monstera - €37.20

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5. Monstera

Tropical is an ever-trending interior design theme, so why not explore the style in a bespoke way, putting focus on the detail within the large scale leaves. Monstera is an intriguing photographic wallpaper that takes an abstract approach to tropical design, adding a new depth to your feature wall.

Decorazione murale con montagne islandesi - €37.20

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6. Uplands

This large, industrial room could look bleak and clinical were it not enhanced by the beautiful landscape scene that frames it. The rolling hills and serene water scene elevate the feel of the room perfectly, creating an effortless natural theme to an otherwise bare environment.

Carta da Parati White Pelican - €37.20

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7. Scoop

Why not take advantage of large, empty wall space and fill it with bold and beautiful art, like Scoop, a wonderfully theatrical pelican design by J.J. Audubon. A grand piece of art on your feature wall is the perfect way to style a sophisticated interior that will impress.

Carta da Parati Canyon Red Rock - €37.20

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8. Arizona

When it comes to larger than life design, it doesn’t get much bigger than a canyon and although this mural focuses in on a small part of it, it is the intricate details and tones within the rocks that cause an impact. Arizona lets the imagination get to work and picture whats exists beyond this wall.

misty forest wallpaper mural

Carta da parati murale con colline nebbiose - €37.20

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9. Climb

Create a mystical bedroom theme with a forest mural and enjoy the relaxed vibe as you sleep beneath the tree tops. Enjoy the view as you look up at your wall and see fading woodland trees deep into the distance creating a serene and natural space you will love to spend time in.

Carta da parati Grattacielo Burj Khalifa, Linee Architettoniche in Blu Ardesia - €37.20

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10. Burj Khalifa

Impress your friends and family by incorporating one of the worlds most iconic pieces of architecture on to your wall in a unique and abstract way. The creative perspective of the mural allows you to look up and admire this impressive monument within your own interior space.

Vase of Flowers wallpaper mural

Decorazione murale con Vaso di fiori di de Heem - €37.20

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11. Vase of Flowers

Why not turn your large feature wall into the wall of a museum with the impressive Vase of Flowers by de Heem, a deeply inviting piece of art that will transform your space. The dark tones and impressive detailing within the floral design will add an air of sophistication to any room.