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Add a little Shabby Chic to your space with these Boho Bedroom Ideas

The bohemian style is all about balance, peace and keeping things zen - with classic accessories like dream catchers and wall rugs springing to mind when boho is mentioned in the interior world. But why not skip the struggle of hanging a heavy, old, dust-collecting rug on your wall, and replace it with a fresh, clean yet textured wall mural, that will bring out the most bohemian of auras throughout your bedroom.

Ivy Covered Wall Mural Wallpaper - €37.20

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The bohemian styled wallpaper murals come in all different shapes and sizes, or more rather textures and effects. The designs are very true to nature in a sense that they both involve natural elements, but also look very authentic and make a very intriguing backdrop in any room. The Ivy Covered Wall mural, for instance, is cleverly designed to create the perfect illusion of a real concrete wall covered in vibrant ivy. This mural is great for anyone who likes to bring a little of the outside in, to clear the air in the bedroom and create a clean and calm space.




White and Grey Rorschach Wall Mural - €37.20

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A design such as the White and Grey Rorschach, however, has a more dimmed down effect, but with features of neutral, light ink-blot and a symmetrical pattern running alongside your wall, this mural imitates the very characteristic bohemian style in fashion known as tie-dye. Adding this mural to your wall will no doubt create a bohemian feel, but in a understated and stylish way.



White Warehouse Brick Wall Mural - €37.20

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The ruffled texture of the White Warehouse Brick mural creates a rustic vibe in a room, but when styled with clean white bedding and a few bohemian accessories, this wallpaper can transform a room into a very minimal but still boho style bedroom with very little effort.


To achieve the dreamy bohemian look, it’s all about adding layers of texture and soft furnishings. Adding a thin flowy curtain will allow all the daylight to flow into your room and fill it up with life. The texture and fabric of the curtain will also add a dimension of boho chic to your bedroom, creating a calm and relaxing space.


Simple accessories and natural textures are perfect for styling these boho wallpaper murals. You can add so much character by adding a simple thing like a rustic bedside table, or you can go the next step and create your bed out of wooden pallets in a next level nature-aware yet very modern form.


Whitewash Wood Wallpaper Mural - €37.20

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Another thing to always remember if you are looking to create a shabby chic boho bedroom is plants. Botanicals are a huge trend, that everyone should join in on, but especially those converting to a bohemian lifestyle. Plants are the very base of balance, and work in similar ways to the dream catchers, only catching all the dirt and pollution in the air rather than your bad dreams. You can implement them in many different ways, but incorporating a little bit of botanical through your wallpaper is an easy and very low-maintenance way of doing so.




If you are already a shabby chic boho expert, converting to a bohemian lifestyle, or even  just like the style of shabby chic design, these wallpaper murals are perfect for you. With a variety of styles, textures and colours, you’ll be sure to find the bohemian wallpaper mural of your dreams.




Elegant Pink Rose Wall Mural - €37.20

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