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Achieve hygge with these cozy wallpaper murals

Day to day life is often noisy, rushed and full of technological distractions. The Danish art of ‘hygge ‘offers a way to put a stop to this and put emphasis back on the simple pleasures found within your environment. This article explores the best of hygge wallpaper and shows how effective installing a danish style mural can be when looking to create a cozy, but modern space.

Papier Peint Fresque Détails Bois Flotté - €37.20

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Décoration murale aquarelle mélange de gris - €37.20

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The two murals above are great examples of hygge wallpaper in a neutral color palette, taking inspiration directly from natural materials. The intricacy and level of detail within the Driftwood mural really adds a warmth and tactility to your space, offering a subtle and textured backdrop. The natural imperfections in the color and lines of driftwood help contribute to a space that feels comfortable, but also offers a neutral palette from which to base your furnishings and accessories. The Grey Blend Watercolour mural is another effective option if looking a cozy wallpaper, as the fluidity of the ink interacting with water is captured as billowing clouds of soft grey.

Papier Peint Fresque Au milieu de la Brume - €37.20

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Papier Peint Fresque Bois Nordique - €37.20

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Staying with the theme of natural materials, the two rooms above further demonstrate the coziness that can be achieved when choosing a tree or wood-based mural backdrop. You can almost smell the pines and hear the gentle chirp of birds roosting amongst the canopy in the Amidst the Mist wallpaper. The soft, delicate colors of the forest and sky in this mural create a natural ombre effect and work so well with Scandi furniture and styling. The light grain wooden slatted bedhead and white and tonal grey bedding really contribute to the cozy, hygge atmosphere. Lumber on the other hand, works effectively as a cozy living room wallpaper and the horizontally stacked, natural wooden layers make a room look larger, whilst maintaining a cozy vibe. This room has been styled with metallic accents, adding a spot of luxury to this cozy space.

Papier Peint Fresque Tricot Gris Grosses Mailles - €37.20

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Papier Peint Fresque Dégradé de Prune - €37.20

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The beauty of styling a room ‘hygge’ is that it is whatever makes you feel at ease. The two murals above are great if you’re someone who knows what they like and are not afraid of being a little different. The Yarn mural is an all-time favorite of ours, and is undeniably a cozy bedroom wallpaper. Whether you’re a knitting fanatic or just love a snuggly blanket, it doesn’t get more hygge than this. The styling of the Ombre Plumb mural in this dining room shows how cozy can be elegant too. The warming tones of the ombre are reminiscent of a mulled wine or warm berry compote… evoking all the joys of our favorite comfort foods! Try this mural with a wooden table and bench, perfect for hosting, and incorporate some ever trending smoked glass tableware to complete your cozy hygge inspired dining room.