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Elevate Your Living Space with Subconscious Watercolours

Taking inspiration from a subconscious state of mind, these watercolour designs have been formed through the stroke of a brush. The art of watercolour is very much an intermediate way of designing. As soon as the paint brush touches the surface of the paper, the ink soaks into the fibres, creating unpredictable shapes that are formed in a completely erratic way. The watercolour paint has its own consciousness, whilst simply being a tool in the creation of the art. But this consciousness of a completely inanimate object has inspired a whole new collection of watercolour designs, created in-house by the designers of Murals Wallpaper.


Dana Blau Aquarell-Wandgestaltung - €31.00

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Creating these murals, the team immersed themselves in the design process, setting up a studio of paintbrushes and papers. Taking the time to experiment with the water’s movement, the shapes the ink formed and what they could create with the stroke of a brush. The designs were created impulsively, switching off thoughts and letting intuition control the paintbrush.



Mirage Tiefblau Aquarell-Wandgestaltung - €31.00

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Subconscious designing allows us to dig deeper, guided by our intuition. Painting gives fluid layers which creates various colours and shades, creating abstraction with no figurative reference. We love the process of making things by hand and getting in the studio. We’re then able to digitise our products, so that they can been seen on a large scale, with all the textures enhanced. 




 Kathryn Jones, Designer at Murals Wallpaper.



Woolf Marineblau Aquarell-Wandgestaltung - €31.00

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The depth and texture of the watercolour murals, united with the subconscious movement of the ink, injects a serene atmosphere into a room. Filling it with creativeness and beautiful interior flair when portrayed on the wall. The designs are all curated in colourways that enhance the space, adding a different dimension to the room. They are sophisticated and stylish, yet carry a depth of true craftsmanship, making them pieces of art in themselves.


Implemented as a feature wall, these murals can elevate your space and create a fresh atmosphere. There are endless ways in which you can style all of these murals, making them completely original and unique to your personality.



Envy Blaugrün Aquarell-Wandgestaltung - €31.00

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We have styled these watercolour designs with bold, but minimalist furniture, in a fun and modern way. Mixing and matching chairs is a popular trend currently beaming in the interior world, and it makes the aura of a room a lot more playful. It also helps to add a pop of colour, which ties in perfectly with the vibrant mien of the designs, and the iconic Ercol pieces featured in the shoot perfectly echo the timeless beauty of the watercolour murals.


The wooden dining table adds a connection to nature to the room, and paired with the very on-trend parquet flooring, it brings a modern, scandi-chic feel to the space. Adding hints of botanical is never a bad idea either – it brings a room to life – and it puts you on the right track for the botanical trend too.



Tiefrotes Aquarell-Wandbild - €31.00

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The Subconscious Watercolour Murals are perfect for such a wide array of personalities. There are endless possibilities for how these murals can be styled and implemented into a home. The colourways and shapes that form the subconscious murals, open up a completely new dimension to a space, adding depth and texture.


These iconic designs can transform any room, simply with their presence.



Pseudo Lila Aquarell-Wandgestaltung - €31.00

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