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Spacious Hallway Ideas with a Splash of Watercolour

First impressions are important in any situation. It is your one and only chance to give someone an idea of who you are and of your personality. Within interiors, a first impression can reveal your sense of style, personality and how you live in your home, and the hallway is, in most cases, the first room you see when you’re welcomed into someone’s house.


Graues Wellen-Aquarell Mural Wandtapete - €31.00

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Hallways come in all different shapes and sizes, just the same as any space in a home. A challenge when styling a smaller hallway is that it can often feel cramped and claustrophobic. With this in mind, we have curated a selection from our watercolour collection, to help you to create a room that maximizes the space you have.



Graues Wasserfarben-Wandbild - €31.00

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Watercolour murals are perfect for creating an illusion of a bigger space, but also for implementing a boost of freshness and interior flair. The soft natural curves and waves of the ink bleeding out onto a crisp white wall, create a serene and calm atmosphere, whilst the watercolour grunge adds texture and depth to your walls. The consistent thread of the fresh neutral blue and light grey colour scheme, carries an aura of air into your hallway, creating contrast on your wall and maximizing the potential of your space.


Weiche Blaue Farbe ausbleichende Wasserfarben Tapete - €31.00

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As well as making a room feel more spacious, these incredible watercolour murals are also super modern and stylish. The designs were all hand-created with ink and water, and the craft behind the design shows. The natural layers of colour and depth of the designs are so intricate, and knowing that they were created by hand makes it all the more special to have them hanging on your wall, as a unique piece of art.



Blau Grunge Wasserfarben Farbe bemalte Taperte - €31.00

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Watercolour wallpapers are for everyone. They are design aware, yet subtle, but absolutely beautiful – and go with almost anything. The wonder of styling a hallway is that, it really is quite simple. The important thing to remember is not to overstyle the space and over clutter it with accessories.


Less is more


Adding a mural to your hallway wall is the perfect solution to adding a bit of personality and interior flair to your home, without taking away important floor-space.  



Blau und Weiß Grunge Farbe Wasserfarbe Tapete - €31.00

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We have styled the watercolour murals with very simple furniture and accessories. Minimalist table stands that are either small, or narrow, are a brilliant choice for adding a statement piece and enables you to style your hallway with clean, yet elegant accessories. This makes the most of  your space and creates a more interesting entrance to your home, so that it doesn’t end up being lost space. Adding a little bit of greenery is always a good call too, and it brings a little bit of botanical into your home. Keeping it simple and minimal is key however, so don’t go overboard.



Marineblau Rauch Aquarell Wandgemälde - €31.00

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If you are looking for a creative and beautiful way of creating space in your hallway, these watercolour wallpaper murals are just for you. They bring freshness, beauty and style but most importantly, the illusion of an airier room. They are the perfect solution to adding interior flair and personality to your home, without compromising on practicality.



Tiefblaue Wellen Aquarell Wandgemälde - €31.00

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