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Create a horticultural haven in your home with living-wall wallpaper

Lush living walls are appearing in obscure locations, with vertical garden projects such as L’Oasis D’Aboukir and Musée du Quai Branly making their mark on architecture. With greenery crawling up the sides of manmade structures, this trend imagines nature reclaiming its territory and is forming urban jungles around the world.

living walls Wallpaper floral Mural

Wandbild-Blumentapete „Vertikaler Garten“ - €31.00

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Botanical decor is one of the most talked about topics in the interior world at the moment and finding ways to bring all things botanical to your home interiors is a growing fascination. This collection of brilliantly botanical wallpaper murals creates an immersive and realistic vertical garden, blending your love for interiors with the outside world.


This collection of vertical garden murals celebrates not only the beauty of Mother Nature through beautiful design, but the modern-day desire to re-establish our relationship with earth. All MuralsWallpaper papers are created using environmentally friendly water-based inks and British paper sourced from FSC regulated forests.




living walls Wallpaper Mural

Wandbild-Blättertapete „Vertikaler Garten“ - €31.00

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Vertical gardens are very much a trend for plant lovers alike. The murals are perfect for anyone wishing to add a nature-inspired feature wall to their homes, and there’s no need to worry about forgetting to water these plants…. Well known for their ability to cleanse the air, plants are also beautiful to look at and will calm and soothe your mind. Although the botanical murals can’t quite offer the health benefits of the real thing, they still ooze a breath of freshness into a room and can create spaces that feel refreshed and close to nature.


With warmer, lighter days on the horizon, it is time to spruce up our spaces and invite the wonders of Mother Nature into our homes. Introducing a vertical garden mural to your interiors is the perfect way of creating your own utopia. The murals work beautifully as accent walls. They create depth and dimension, allowing you to be bold  and create a magnificent space unlike any other.




Wandbild-Blättertapete „Pflanzenwand“ - €31.00

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Style these wondrous murals with toned down furniture and accessories to create the most impactful and refreshing spaces. Utilizing the iconic nature of the vertical garden designs in your home can completely transform the way your spaces feel. Adding subtle wooden features and simple white tones compliment the liveliness of the murals, contrasting against the beautiful botanical greens, reds and yellows. Styling with different textures and layers creates a room that feels more complete, more nourished, and adds a sense of ‘home’.


Stylist Picks

Vertical lifestyle shot in collaboration with Ercol, featuring pieces: Teramo Small Dining Table and Butterfly Chair.

Climber and Vine lifestyles shot in collaboration with Rose & Grey, featuring pieces: Jozef Chierowski 366 Two Seater Wool, Jozef Chierowski 366 Big Coffee Table, H. Lis Fox Rocking Chair Denim in Carbon and Albert Kuip Chair in Taupe.




Wandbild-Blumentapete „Kletterpflanze“ - €31.00

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