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Refreshingly fruity wallpaper that adds a tropical boost to your interiors

Are you thirsty for a refreshing blast of colour in your home? Does your home need a shot of fresh air - mixed with a splash of fun? Well, the fruit pattern collection serves up just that.


Tapeten-Wandbild im „Wassermelone“-Muster - €31.00

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The fruit patterns are fun and playful, oozing a sense of youthfulness within your interior space and the repeat style of the designs add an element of seamless sophistication. The continuous flow of the fruity patterns diffuse a confidence and creates a room that is fresh but fancy.

The fruity wallpapers embrace the colour found in your favourite fruits, with fun, fruity motifs providing a twist of lightheartedness in a design-aware space. The designs are cheeky, making them brilliant designs for kids’ rooms, however the creative flair at the core of the patterns make them just as satisfying for adventurous adults.




Tapeten-Wandbild „Ananas gestreift“ - €31.00

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Adding these fruity prints to your interiors will transform the atmosphere in your home, and give your space a refreshing, tropical boost. A dining room, kitchen-diner or living room is a an ideal place to add a fruity zing of colour and fun.


The Striped Pineapple Wallpaper is a great choice for a maximalist style living room. It adds the sophistication of the monochrome striped backdrop, with a pop of bright yellow pineapples. When paired with colourful, but complimentary, furniture, this wallpaper design can elevate your space from bland, to trend led and tastefully tropical. We have paired the pineapples with a sofa by Rose & Grey in a complimentary yellow colour, and a simple but chic coffee table, allowing for the wallpaper to take centre-stage of the room.


The Citrus Lemon Pattern Wallpaper is zesty and fresh, adding a real citrus shade of morning freshness to any space. The dining room is an important part of your morning routine; it’s where you eat your breakfast and get your energy for the day. Adding a splash of zingy lemon into the mix will instantly brighten your day and boost you from the get-go. This Lemon Pattern Wallpaper will lighten up any space – and you can’t help but smile when in its presence.



Tapeten-Wandbild im „Zitrone“-Muster - €31.00

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All of the fruit patterned wallpapers are styled best with minimal and contemporary furniture. The designs are super fun and modern, and to fully enhance the youthful and modern vibe of the wallpapers, soft wooden textures, clean whites and complimentary accents of colour will bring out the best in the papers.


So whether you’re a fruit fanatic or passionate about colour and pattern, this modern, fruit filled wallpaper collection is just what the doctor ordered.




Tapeten-Wandbild im „Banane“-Muster - €31.00

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