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Create a striking space with dark floral wallpaper

Floral wallpaper has made a comeback in the past few years and this year it has been all about the dark florals. These murals have been paired with beautiful furniture and understated accessories, to show you how to create a magnificent and dramatic space with dark floral wallpaper.


Rosa Wasserfarben dunkle Blumen Tapete - €31.00

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Floral wallpaper is no longer the stereotypical interior of your grandmother’s living room. It is no longer the tired old print on the walls, paired un-stylishly with a floral chair or a drowsy old lamp. Florals have made a true comeback in the past year, and dark florals have been a particular hot trend, featured in all of the most influential interior magazines.


Lila und rosa dunkle Blumen Tapete - €31.00

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Dark florals are luxurious and sophisticated. They add deep layers of texture to any room of your home, and look stunning as a feature wall. The design are perfect for those who want to transform their space into something truly dramatic, though still maintaining a feminine flair.

To achieve that magnificent drama effect and a feel of luxury, these floral designs have been paired with very minimal but high quality furniture. Choosing understated furniture enables the mural to stand on its own as a beautiful accent wall and act as not only a part of the interior, but the main feature of the room.


Tiefrote dunkle Blumen Tapete - €31.00

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Add stylish texture and depth to your walls with Dark Floral Wallpaper


Dunkle Vintage Blumen Tapete - €31.00

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Vintage rosa und cremefarbene dunkle Blumen Tapete - €31.00

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If you’re looking to add a bit of gothic drama to your home, these dark floral wallpapers are perfect for you, especially when paired with just a few luxury interior pieces.


Dunkle grüne und rosa Blumen Tapete - €31.00

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Blumenvase von de Heem Wandtapete - €31.00

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