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8 Unexpected Ways To Use Removable Wallpaper

Self-adhesive, removable wallpaper is an ideal choice for those in rental properties wanting to put their personal touch on their homes, or those who just don't want to commit to a particular feature or style. Despite its obvious use, removable (and re-adjustable) wallpaper can be used to upgrade and spruce up things you already have in your home. Here are 8 places you never thought you'd be wallpapering!

Mint 90s geometrische Wandgemälde - €31.00

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2. The fridge

Call us crazy, but we love the idea of covering our fridge with the design of our choice. By adding the wallpaper, your kitchen becomes more vibrant and personalised. It’s also a great talking point for when you’re entertaining. The paper still lets you keep the fridge magnets, too!

Illustrierte Vögel und Beeren bemalte Tapete - €31.00

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3. Your nightstand

If you’re renting, making your bedroom your own can be kind of tricky. By adding accents of design into the room with removable wallpaper, you can make sure you feel you’ve added your own personal touch and wake up in a room that’s truly yours. Add a quirky on-trend Flamingo print onto the nightstand, wherever you see fit.

Rosa Flamingo bemalte Tapete - €31.00

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4. The drawers

Drawers don’t have to be drab. By adding some funky Tropical prints onto a chest of drawers, you can instantly modernise your furniture and inject some serious style into a room.

Rosa und Grün tropische Blätter bemalte Tapete - €31.00

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5. Stair risers

Sometimes it’s nice to go back to basics. Just covering the front of the stairs with Mediterranean tile-style or a shabby-chic Ditsy Floral print gives you some serious personalisation potential. Make sure you’re measuring each stair riser individually, as measurements can differ.

Weiße und Blaue portugiesisch gekachelte Tapete - €31.00

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6. Your bookcase

Adding some high-design Geometric pattern at the back of bookshelves gives a room a subtle update. Play with patterns and colours to see what suits the rest of your room best, or even mix and match wallpapers in each of the shelves.

Grauer abstrakter Würfel 3D Tapete - €31.00

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7. The doors

Bored of plain, uninspiring doors? Cover them with a stunning Ombré fade and really make an impact. That door never looked so good.


Blauer Grunge bemalte Tapete - €31.00

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It really is as easy as peel, place, stick.

Get inspired and find your own favourites; request Self-Adhesive Paper at checkout.

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