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11 Larger Than Life Wall Murals

These 11 amazing spaces show that a large mural can have a powerful effect on a room.

1. Sea of trees

We think this forest scene could be the finest headboard we have ever seen. It also has the effect of making this room seem epically large.

Sea of Trees Forest Mural Wallpaper

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2. Neutral shades world map

The whole wide world in one room. Our world map wallpapers are one of our best selling products and this room shows why. They add a sense of adventure, visual appeal and intrigue to bedrooms, studies, kitchens or offices. Note how our bespoke service allows the design to take the door frame into account.

Neutral Shades World Map Wallpaper Mural

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3. Norwegian fjord

A bed is a place for dreaming, and what better setting could you have for dreaming than this idyllic fjord scene? We can see the azure water perfectly replicating the majesty of the mountains and clouds above. What’s more, this landscape mural will be brought to life perfectly due to the quality of our printing techniques.

Norwegian Fjord Mural Wallpaper

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4. Elegant rose

Here we can see the beauty of this large scale rose mural adds colour and softness to a large room that could have otherwise felt cold and uninviting.

Elegant Pink Rose Wall Mural

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5. Black and white detailed map

This huge grayscale map delivers all the detail but holds back the colour for a sophisticated vibe.

Black and White Detailed Map Mural

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6. Amidst the mist

Sleeping up on the treetops with the stars above sounds like the thing of childhood fantasy. However, we see this youthful dream has been brought to life by the owner of this stylish and enchanting forest mural room.

Amidst the Mist Wall Mural

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7. Icelandic mountains

This large, industrial room would look bleak and clinical were it not enhanced by the beautiful, huge landscape scene that frames it. The rolling hills and serene water scene change the feel of the room perfectly and perfectly highlight the potential of large scale murals.

Icelandic Mountains Mural

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8. Blue watercolour grunge

This watercolour painted-effect mural is ideal for those with a rebellious heart looking to leave a big impression with a huge wallpaper mural. You can see similar murals in our watercolour category.

Blue and White Grunge Paint Watercolour Wallpaper

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9. NYC mural

When it comes to cities, none are more colossal than NYC. This room is given scale and scope as the towering heights of the Empire State Building mesh perfectly with the monochrome, greyscale interior choices.

City of Dreams Wall Mural

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10. Pop art girl

Loud, bold, eye-catching, iconic, beautiful and full of colour. The influence of this mural is such that it is hard to tell whether we are describing this pop art mural or the room as a whole.

Roy Lichtenstein Mural

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11. Beyond the forest

This room partners low sitting furniture with the dizzying heights of the forest to great effect. It is a room that elegantly merges ambitious creativity with understated charm.

Beyond the Forest Wallpaper Mural

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