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6 fresh ways to style your home dusky pink

Pink home decor is currently one of the hottest trends in interiors, and it’s easy to see why. The wonderfully warm colour comes in numerous different shades and accents and works perfectly in any home. MuralsWallpaper designers have created a new collection of murals in the dusky shade of this pink trend, with a modern and refreshing twist.


Dusky Pink Geometric Wallpaper Mural - $35.00

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Pink has been used to decorate homes for many years, but only recently has the colour become a shade to be reckoned with. The millennial pink trend opened up the perception of pink as an all inclusive colour, one that anyone can incorporate within their fashion choices, lifestyle and home interiors. From soft blush pastels to terracotta corals and richer tones of fuchsia and cerise, there is a shade of pink for everyone. The versatility of the shades can be used to create a sense of romance, sophistication and fun, all in each their individual way. It all comes down to the context, styling and the designs you choose to work with.


Dusky Pink Old Manor House Wallpaper Mural - $35.00

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We have included a variety of designs within the dusky pink collection that show off the flexibility and potential of pink. The Dusky Pink Manor mural adds a sense of elegance to a room, through it’s intricate attention to detail and architectural style of illustration. The very symmetrical and carefully calculated hand drawn design adds an aura of sophistication, making it the perfect choice for a more classic space.


The Dusky Pink Terrazzo mural on the other hand, is very current and adds a modern vibe to any space. The terrazzo effect on furnishings and accessories is still an extremely popular trend and the dusky pink tones bring the retro style bang up to date.


Dusky Pink Terrazzo Wallpaper Mural - $35.00

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The pink shades are versatile and can be incorporated successfully with a mixture of furniture types, but choosing the right shade of pink to fit your home and belongings is essential to make a room look unique, fresh and modern. Banish all thoughts of princess pink fairytale castles, dusky pink is sophisticated and sexy.


Cypress Dusky Pink Striped Wallpaper Mural - $35.00

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With pink, less is more. So when styling your space dusky pink, use no more than three tonal shades in your palette. Adding different textures to a room helps to add warmth and depth, whereas keeping it minimal creates a space that oozes sophistication and elegance. We have styled the dusky pink murals with elements of wood and more hard-wearing materials, which breaks up the softness of the pink and adds character to the interior space. Adding a rug, throw or other soft furnishings however, contributes to the homeliness of the room, so don’t feel you need to steer clear of these to achieve a modern, comfy home.


Dusky Pink Mixed Tropical Leaves Wallpaper Mural - $35.00

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If you are keen to get involved with this refreshingly modern trend, or simply love everything pink, the murals in this collection are your perfect choice. Update your home and add a little touch of dusky pink to your interiors with MuralsWallpaper.


Dusky Pink Abstract Watercolour Wallpaper Mural - $35.00

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