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6 Orderly Wallpapers For Obsessive Neat Freaks

For those with an appreciation of a clean aesthetic, these wallpapers celebrate sharp, minimal design and leave a strangely satisfying tingle on the necks of self-confessed obsessive compulsive types.

Get in shape

Symmetry and geometry should be at the heart of any neat home and with a clean monochrome colour palette, this cube wallpaper delivers a pleasing ambience that any clutter-hater would love. With a mesmerising 3D visual, the print shows that you can keep things clean and tidy without losing depth and character.

Geometric 3D Cube Wallpaper Mural

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Keep floral minimal

This hypnotic flower pattern really captures the imagination with an entrancing effect. With one look it’s a downward pattern and the next it’s upward, all with simple shape placement and playful colour. The accent yellow helps deliver a streak of personality while staying sleek and minimal.

Yellow and Grey Abstract Flower Pattern Wallpaper

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Get ziggy with it

With ever-so-slightly rounded edges, this blue and white chevron pattern delivers high impact with a touch of femininity. Approachable and soft in colour but bold in design, it’s a crisp print that offers an interesting mix of emotion. It cleverly achieves so much with so little.

Blue Chevron Wallpaper Mural

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Get suave

An honourary member of the Prism collection, Trapeza uses a muted blue colour palette to offer an extra layer of personality. Perfect for a study or home office, this print reflects moods of calm intelligence. A real thinking-woman’s wallpaper.

Trapeza Wall Mural

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Enter the prism

With an asymmetrical composition, this geometric print manages to balance uniformity with rebellion to deliver a high impact feature wall. Featured in our Prism collection, Convex is another example of a wallpaper that offers depth and character whilst maintaining its clean and minimal aesthetic.

Convex Wall Mural

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Connect the dots

World maps are a mural favourite but often leave little to the imagination. This clever dotted map captures the essence of travel without going into too much detail. It’s perfect for an explorer with a penchant for clean and minimal design.

Grey Dotted World Map Wall Mural

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