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Bug Nebula Wallpaper Mural

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Astronomy blogger Amy Asher, suggested to us this beautiful image of the Bug Nebula, or NGC 6302 as it’s formally known. Resembling delicate butterfly wings, the colourful purple mist is actually speeding clouds of gas, heated by the surrounding stars to an incredible 20,000 degrees celsius, and hurtling through space at over 600,000 miles per hour. Sitting in the centre is a dying star that was once five times the size of our own Sun, about the reach the end of it’s turbulent lifespan. The star casts off it’s envelope of gas and unleashes a stream of ultraviolet radiation that causes the beautiful pink glow of the surroundings. We think this fascinating image taken by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope looks out of this world as mural wallpaper, where the immense detail can truly be appreciated when viewed at wall size.

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