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The Wedding Backdrops you’ll keep till your Happily Ever After

In 2018, the church chimes are ringing just a little louder. The Royal Wedding is one of the most anticipated events on the world’s social calendar, and it has brought a wonderfully wedded trend to the interior design world. In celebration of this bridal trend, Murals Wallpaper has curated a collection of beautiful wedding inspired backdrops, that you will be able to keep until your happily ever after.


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A wedding is a very special thing. It’s a day full of happiness, emotion and joyous memories. However, the planning of a wedding can be one of the most stressful things a bride and groom will have to do. When we asked blushing brides what worried them the most about their wedding, one of the common concerns was ensuring that all of their guests enjoyed themselves and embraced the fun of the day. Murals Wallpaper has addressed this concern in a unique way with Bridal Backdrops murals.

The new collection of custom designed murals will give you an array of choices for your wedding party, providing backdrops for a variety of  themes and colour schemes. Whichever design you go for, you can have a fun, playful and completely customised backdrop at your wedding. Acting as a feature piece in your venue decor plans, the mural will create a connection between the two families, uniting them in a fun and creative way and opening up an opportunity for the picture perfect backdrop, that will create everlasting memories.

If you’re planning to go down a slightly more minimalistic route, implementing a mural that ties in with the rest of your decor can completely transform the feeling of the space. The Tulipa Floral Wall Mural will create an aura of floral happiness and serenity, adding a touch of sophistication to your party venue. It offers a stylish yet fun backdrop that you can incorporate in your venue or home to always remember your beautiful day.

Choosing a mural as a feature in your wedding decor is not just an investment for your wedding party, but also an investment in your future together, and a reminder of the love you share. A wedding, in most cases, lasts for one day, but these murals can be applied to  boards that can be taken home and transformed into pieces of artwork. These can be hung in your new family home for years to come, injecting the perfect balance between nostalgia and a modern, stylish designIf you have children, a cute idea could be to install it in your little one’s nursery. You could even personalise the design with the date they were born, to represent the start of a new, life-changing adventure.


There are endless opportunities in which you can re-imagine these backdrop murals, and implement something from the day it all started, to be present in your home, till your happily ever after.

Falling Star Blue Wallpaper Mural - $44.00

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