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Incorporate hand-crafted art into your home with Marbled Wallpapers

The in-house designers at Murals Wallpaper have been focusing on the everlasting trend of marble, and have been experimenting with the art of ‘marbleizing’. The designs created in the process are both unique and absolutely stunning, and they carry a sense of character, that only hand-crafted designs do. These beautiful marbled papers have been digitally scaled up and turned into the most wonderful murals, and really are a collection of products like no other.

Artisan appreciation




In an age where many of us are accustomed to working entirely with technology in our practices, the Murals Wallpaper designers are encouraged to learn new skills, reimagine  traditional methods and create projects that help them to think differently. The original textures and patterns of this collection, could only have been achieved when produced by hand, so when installing your marble mural, don’t forget that you are incorporating a piece of crafted art


The designers  perfected their techniques at an in-depth marbling workshop, which enabled them to create a collection of high quality and original marbled papers. In the process of marbling, ink is intuitively dropped into water and swirled around with a wooden stick to form patterns. The paper is then carefully placed onto the water surface and the delicate ink design that has been created by the artist is transferred. Catherine Jacob, Head Designer at MuralsWallpaper, reflects:



The beautiful thing about marbling is that a design is produced that is entirely unique to the designer. It’s a reactive design process where everything is created in the moment, and sealed when the paper touches the ink.





Drift Pink Marbled Wall Mural - $44.00

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Drift Blue Marbled Wall Mural - $44.00

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These marbleized paper designs are each completely individual to each other; in the ways of which the ink has transferred onto the papers, and how the colours of the swirls and waves form natural patterns, making them eccentric and impactful pieces of art.





Drift Pink Marbled Wall Mural - $44.00

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When installing a mural of any type, but especially one of such craftsmanship, it is important to plan out the space that you are creating. A mural with so much depth and as many intricate features needs to be showcased with the same care and attention a traditional work of art would get.


It is truly incredible to see the process of the designs being made, with such simple elements as water, ink and paper. To see the transformation into a beautiful wall mural, that can elevate a whole room and create a space that is full of creativity and is beautiful, stylish and sophisticated at the same time.




Drizzle Ultraviolet Marbled Wall Mural - $44.00

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Styling such stunning design, is quite simple really, as you don’t need to do much styling at all. The mural effortlessly takes centre-stage of any room, and creates an interior style in itself. We have styled these designs minimal, in line with the popular monochrome trend.


With singular, elegant pieces of furniture, and just a few soft furnishings to soften the space, the mural is not competing for attention amongst other items. In other rooms, we have styled the marble murals with a hint of botanicals. The trick is, as the saying goes;


less is more.




Ripple Gray Marbled Wall Mural - $44.00

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If you are looking to include an element of true craftsmanship within your home interiors; one that will inject a real sense of interior flair; these beautiful designs are perfect for you. They are simple and subtle in their colourways, and will look beautiful on your walls, whilst creating a sense of calm in your room. Yet, when analysed and fully appreciated, the murals will elevate your space with the intricacy of the swirls and waves of movement. Create a sophisticated, elegant, yet impactful space, with the new Marbleized Paper Collection by Murals Wallpaper.




Swish Sage Marbled Wall Mural - $44.00

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