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Bring the trend of line drawn faces to your home with face wallpaper

It is no secret that the art of continuous line drawings and face doodles are very hot at the moment, with frequent features in high authoritative fashion and interior design magazines, as well as an incredibly influential presence on social media. With a presence on both the catwalk and in the home, this trend seems to be a continuous success.

The MuralsWallpaper designers have curated an iconic collection of perfectly imperfect face wallpapers and murals that capture this line drawn trend.

Dusty Pink Line Drawing Face Wallpaper Mural - $44.00

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The faces within the designs are all entirely unique, capturing an array of different expressions and personalities. The variety of colour ways contribute a different feel to a room too. Where sage and cream tones may make a room feel calm and collected, the black on white line drawings make more of a dramatic impact and will demand more attention in a space. The dusty pink tones can be calming when used as a feature wall in an otherwise clean and minimal room, but when styled maximalist boho, this mural stylishly decorates a space with its dusty blush features for a more design aware feel.


Sage and White Face Wallpaper Mural - $44.00

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Continuous line drawing is an art that has been about for some time. One of the first artists to make use of this fun way of drawing was Pablo Picasso. His way of creating art was very abstract and imperfect, which made his pieces enticing and ultimately perfect art to look at. The MuralsWallpaper face wallpaper designs are inspired by him and other artists who share this approach.


These illustrative murals were created using the method of continuous line drawing. Completing the illustration in one unbroken line, from beginning to end. This form of drawing creates a more loose, abstract feel to the design as you naturally start to speed up and let the pencil take control. The designs are heavily influenced by the artists Matisse and Picasso, as well as the more modern artist Christiane Spangsberg. They all have their own unique way of creating their abstract interpretations of the human body and face, yet similarities can be found between the three due to the simple bold shapes.



Lauren Kavanagh, Designer at MuralsWallpaper




Large Face Line Drawing Wallpaper Mural - $44.00

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These wondrous murals and wallpaper designs have been styled with boho-chic interiors and neutral toned furniture and furnishings. As the designs are so impactful and iconic, it is important to style around them and not in the face of them… To create the most extraordinary and inspiring spaces, features of brass or metal textures works really well in elevating the potential of the mural. Contrasting the subtleness of the pale colours in the sage, cream and dusty pink designs, can completely alter the way your spaces feels. Adding wooden features and a pop of botanicals will compliment against the fresh-faced wall.


Large Nude Face Wallpaper Mural - $44.00

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This collection of continuous face line drawings is the perfect example of how imperfections make art much more intriguing. The designs very much represent the beauty and diversity of a face and make for truly iconic pieces of wall art. If you are looking to bring real art and interior flair to your home, this continuous line drawing collection is perfect for you. The murals contribute to a never ending trend that has been celebrated for years and one that will be present in the interior world for more to come.



Dusty Pink Line Drawing Face Wallpaper Mural - $44.00

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