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How to achieve Industrial Luxe with Brick Effect Wallpaper

Industrial luxe is the perfect combination of rich, rustic textures and luxury. Rough materials, presented in a stylish and chic way, create something truly magnificent and makes a room look and feel extraordinary. You can now achieve just that with Murals Wallpaper’s Brick Effect Wallpaper Collection.


Black Brick Wallpaper Mural - $44.00

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This curation of wallpaper murals have been selected specifically with the Industrial Luxe trend in mind, and have been styled accordingly. The very intricate designs of the murals imitate real brick walls, and successfully so. They can completely transform your walls and create spaces that have both layers of texture and depth. Incorporating a brick effect wallpaper to a room adds a whole other dimension and enables you to bring true character into your home, regardless of the age of your property.



Deep Blue Brick Wall Mural - $44.00

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The Industrial Luxe style is very much a mature look. It strips a room back to the roots of its structure, imitating an exposed brick wall, creating quite a rugged atmosphere. The intricate details of the brick textures bring out a true authentic feel to the room, and depending on how you choose to style your mural, you can alter the aura of the room all together. 



Industrial Brick Wallpaper Mural - $44.00

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Styling a brick mural with a minimal piece of furniture, and just a few masculine accessories, can instantly make a bland room feel like a gentleman’s den, and would make for the perfect sitting area in a classic bachelor pad.


On the other hand, if you are styling a space with a more elegant vision in mind, the feel of the brick murals can be completely altered by simply swapping out the raw accessories with a few sophisticated features and decor. Adding a little touch of botanical to your space can also instantly brighten up a room, and adds an extra modern flair to the industrial style.


We have styled this collection of brick wallpapers with simple yet solid furniture and few accessories, which allows the mural to take centre stage and keeps a space feeling minimal and trendy. This is the benefit of investing in a mural that fills a room with texture and depth, as it allows you to go minimal on decor, investing in just a few items, to essentially create a room that looks on point.



Clean White Brick Wallpaper Mural - $44.00

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Industrial Luxe is a style that every classic interior-interested individual will appreciate, but especially those with a taste for the finer things in life. The mix of the rustic and rugged brick, paired with clean lines, minimal statement furniture and indulgent metal features, creates an ambience of luxury in-between textures of industrial. This ultimately creates a room that feels complete and is the perfect example of how opposites can create something beautiful and completely harmonious.




White Paint Bricks Wall Mural - $44.00

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