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Bring the benefits of Crystal Healing to your home with Murals Wallpaper Crystal Walls

Crystal healing is a lifestyle - a way of living that will help you create a balanced energy within all aspects of your life. There’s no better way to introduce this balance and feng shui energy than with the treatment of the walls that make up your home. Crystal walls can create a variety of atmospheres in your home, some of which are relaxing with a mindful healing effect, but can also be styled to be modern and chic with an interior flair that makes a statement.


Agate Mineral Crystal Wall Mural - $44.00

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The design of these mesmerizing murals is so intricate, and the high definition of the wallpaper allows all the dreamy details of the crystals to brighten up your walls and bring balance to your home. With a mix of strong colours, bright whites and some pastels too, there is a crystal wallpaper to suit anyone.


The deep blue Agate Mineral Crystal Mural is clean and bold. With streaks of white and a blue that makes a statement, this mural is perfect for those who are seeking a clean airy space with a difference. The Benitoite Crystal Mural has a similar mindful effect, but with more muted tones of blue, this wallpaper mural is a good match for less daring individuals who still seek the balanced energy of crystal healing.


If you are dreaming of bringing crystal healing into your home, but want to keep it chic and stylish, the Serendibite Crystal Mural is a beautifully glamorous and classy choice. The Serendibite crystal is an abstract pattern of neutral tones, with lovely layers and texture, alongside intricate details of the design.



Benitoite Crystal Wall Mural - $44.00

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When styling your home with crystal wallpaper, it is essential that you choose minimal furniture and accessories that flow well with the balanced energy associated with the crystals. Crystal healing is all about simplicity and a feeling of contentment. Feng shui is the principle of having only the things you need, clearing away all clutter.


Quality over quantity


It is important however to remember not to get lost in the process. For a home to be truly balanced and have a healing effect, personality and character is absolutely necessary. Keeping the concept of crystal healing and the feng shui lifestyle in mind, whilst also incorporating your personal touch, is essential when bringing a room to life.



Quartz Mineral Crystal Wall Mural - $44.00

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We have styled the mesmerizing crystal murals with a mix of textures and statement furniture, keeping the accessories to a minimum. Clean white bedding contrasted with a strong blue crystal wall, a chunky dining table styled with Scandinavian flair and a statement couch in a dark colour to show off the beautiful mineral backdrop behind it.


All crystal wallpapers are different. Some crystals go well with neutrals, whilst some benefit from a pop of colour. Here’s one thing to always keep in mind – if a wall mural is the dominant feature in the room, with either a bold, intricate design or powerful colours – minimal interior works best. On the other hand, if the mural has muted tones and soft textures, a more statement piece of furniture – or even an extravagant accessory piece – will pair beautifully.



Serendibite Crystal Wall Mural - $44.00

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If you are an advocate of crystal healing and believe in a balanced lifestyle, or simply just want to revitalise your home with a breath of fresh glam, these crystal murals are just for you.



Celeste Agate Wall Mural - $44.00

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